Monday, February 16, 2009


during one of my many travels to the north georgia mountains in search of a variety of appalachian folkloric communities i stopped in at a local inn. that night i overhead a conversation that left me bewildered. i wrote down as much as i could understand and present it here for you in hopes that you might help me translate this strange dialogue.

"you can burin it and the liquid turns into massage oil. you know. and i burn it and you can rub your back with it. and you know he's like you know i can rub your back down and it went all down hill from there. i went to the hospital and it was like an allergic reaction. my whole top lip look liked someone punched it. the whole moral of my story is ... i'm just so frustrated. i hate it when couples fight. it was crazy - i'm for real. i don't understand after everything *** and him said after *** did *** tell you about the tube sock thing? that was hilarious? he said he'd be waiting in my bed with nothing but a pair of tube socks on and his hat on backwards. and i was like tubesocks? and he was ALL over *** the other night. i mean you know how drunk guys get, you know how you put your hands on the lower back and stuff. i was like i'm not trying to study him... i'm not in high school anymore i'm not trying to study him... he has been with her for a long time like, i just wish i could like go over there and miraculously *** him up and take him home. "

what does this mean and what type of people are these?