Sunday, November 23, 2008

Metatronic takes a Cruise

Alas our search for the mighty sunken island atlantis is at an end - or should i say an impasse until further funding can be procured. while ruins of varying sorts were examined and vast expanses of the ocean's silty bottom were traversed we happened on no hard evidence that could provide more of a compass to our lofty expectations.

however, and i do entrust you to keep this at heart, i believe i have stumbled on a theory that could prove to grant us kundalini's vision - our 3rd eye must be opened in order to view the lost city! it is my conjecture that the people of atlantis have metaphysically metamorphosed into the supreme race of porpoises and in doing so achieved a higher ability of the senses giving them access to the city of Atlantis which itself is maintained in a metaphysical state harnessed to the Earth's supernatural boundaries of Ley lines.

But enough of this now, until further scientific equipment can be obtained to detect and record such mystical hermetic energies we are lost to our own silence.

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